Tungkillo Harmony Lunch – 25 March 2023

Dear Comrades, Colleagues, Family, Friends, Neighbours and Strangers,
Just a reminder to join us again for our traditional (but still slightly Socially Distanced) Harmony Lunch at Dot’s, Trent’s and Adam’s “Dotted Hills” Farm on Saturday, 25 March 2023 from 11:00 for 12:30 shared lunch.

Take your partners, kids and friends. Bring your favourite eats and drinks and a small lunch plate to share (the more Ukrainian the better, we should have Ukrainian version of barszcz, our beetroot soup). Bring your smile, good humour and stories to share around the fire, don’t forget longsleevs, hats and gumboots. Meet, talk, sing, eat and drink, all responsibly. I will have small supplies of HopThief, WildYak, Żołądkowa Gorzka and Pigwowa (supplies restored during recent holidays in Poland:) … etc. Previous TUDAs have some pics and vids HERE, HERE, and HERE.

RSVP: let me know if you are coming, camping or you don’t want to receive any further invitations from me.

Hope to see you ALL. Feel free to pass this invite to Other Good People to come and say hello. Just let me know.

Best Rgds
Adam Poldeg Grajczyk THD11WX23

DIRECTIONS: Lot 22 Brinkworth Range Road, Tungkillo; gate https://goo.gl/maps/CDPjtUq21RS2 – turn on satellite view.
Navigate to Mt Torrens Hotel and from there in the direction of Tungkillo / Mannum on the Terlinga Road. Go for 9.7km – turn right into Harrogate Rd (dirt road from here, I can pick you up if you don’t do dirty). Go for 1.1km; turn left into Collins Rd. Go for 1.7km, turn left onto Brinkworth Range Rd. 550m up Brinkworth Range Rd, our gate is on the right with arrow and signs “Dotted Hills” and “Adam Poldeg” on the gate.

If you need help, call and I will come in my ute (white Triton) to pick you up.

Don’t forget to close the gate, leave key in the lock. Follow the arrow.

E: poldeg@hotmail.com T: +61 408288854